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Leadership and Ethics

Ethics is central to leadership as leaders help to establish and reinforce organizational values. Leaders play a major role in establishing and regulating the ethical ambient of any organization. An ethics based approach to Leadership described and identified some leadership styles in organizations.3

  • Leaders with unethical styles use their positions for their benefits or for a special group at the expense of others. These leaders use positions as a platform for ego-boosting rather than accomplishing good and also seek retribution against those with opposing and conflicting views.

  • Ethically neutral leaders do not take time to reflect on any subtle ethical issues; mostly due to lack of awareness, discernment or moral courage.

  • Ethical leaders encourage feedback and dialogues. They mostly bring attention to critical issues, promote honest and candid discussions, manage competing perspectives and facilitate the decision making process in a timely manner. These leaders make sacrifices for the common good and show uncommon courage.  These leaders are called servant-leaders as they are highly concerned about empathy, empowerment, healing, openness, listening and equality.

  • Promoting   organizational-centered ethics or ethics based leadership does not eliminate individual-centered ethics.  Acknowledging organizational influence does not remove personal responsibility although individuals are predisposed to be influenced by the organization. After all, what individuals do is often affected by the organizational culture.  This is why the Psalmist declares “How blessed is the one who does not follow the advice of the wicked, or stand in the pathway with sinners, or sit in the assembly of scoffers!”Ps.1:1 (N.E.T). Where someone is standing shows where he or she had been sitting.

    3. Jonathan P. West, and Evan M. Berman, eds., The Ethics Edge, 2d ed. (Washington D.C.: International City / County  Management Association, 2006).



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